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Purchase Or Lease Office Technology

Purchasing a machine is a simple process in which basically you buy and own outright your machine. There are several negatives involved in an outright purchase such as no free upgrades, holding outdated machinery limited deals on service. If your a large business with lots of capitals you might be tempted to purchase a machine. If you need to keep up with technology purchase is not recommended however if your needs are that technology doesn’t really matter and you just want to print then outright purchase may be a great choice. If you are curious and would like a quote on a telephone system please contact our reception. We are happy to take your call 24/7 and recommend the perfect photocopier or thecopiercompany phone systems for your company.

AWBT Australia Wide Business Technology

Sydney photocopier SPL is an Australian owned and managed business we specialize in all machinery makes and models. We are the experts in the hire, lease, rental, and purchase and are happy to match any competitors rates in Sydney.

Why get one quote from 1 phone call when you can get 5. We are a Sydney based business what we do is provide the best prices at the least hassle.

We stock every major brand, part of our process is to understand the exact needs of your business then find the right copier’s for you. We give 5 quotes on different photocopier and printer machines for your needs.

Leasing Office Technology Printers & Phone Systems

If your leasing it is important to understand exactly the contract you will be signing we highly recommend getting your accountant or financial planner to look over the contract. Some lease contract can be complicated and it is always well advised to get an outside independent opinion before signing.

Leasing a machine can have many benefits including regular upgrades, no outlay of capital and tax benefits. Copier’s are changing so rapidly http://sydneyprintercopierleaserental.com.au that regular upgrades can be a great advantage in keeping up to date with technology. We have the lowest running costs in Australia on printers from as low as six cents per page for color and half a cent for mono. Our rates simply can not be beaten.

Regardless of what technology your company is looking for we have you covered. With over 3000 different products for the office, our friendly staff will walk you through the best options for your organization. 


We are a dealer and are not obliged to any one company and will provide a fair an upfront recommendation of exactly
what machine will suit your needs best.  If you are currently in a copier contract that you are not happy in we would love the opportunity to buy the contract out and provide you with a brand new device. Upgrading your devices across your business can potentially be a massive saving and opportunity all we need you to do is give our business a call today. We are also available for a free onsite analysis for your business. One call and a highly trained service technician will come to your organization and assess your place of work. A device or several devices will then be recommended.