Digital Printers & Photocopiers

In today’s print world digital is dominating the market and with good reason.

Digital printing and photocopies is a method of digital-based imagery to a host of different media. It refers to someone printing small jobs from a desktop or other sources. Other publishing is usually done in large runs and high volume laser or inkjet machines are used. Digital photocopiers are more expensive per page this pricing is definitely offset by low set up cost per print and can be an enormous saving for most small to mid-sized businesses.

The technical stages in set up are automatic and there is no setup fee like there usually is at your local printers.

The savings in labor and time cannot be ignored by any business and with software advancing a lot of businesses are choosing to create there own flyers and advert material in a house and do small print runs within there own business.

The average copy of cost per page is around .07cents color and .007cents black and white. We are always happy to price match any job in the market. Our business is heavily revolved around high-quality service, with an attitude of nothing is to much trouble for our clients.

In an effort to keep all of your equipment up to date and the latest in high-quality tech, we recommend everyone enter slightly shorter lease terms. We find a 4year term will allow you to have the right opportunity for easy change should a new device or piece of technology be released to the market.

Fine digital inkjet printing

Is printing directly from a computer image to an inkjet photocopier or printing machine. It was created Kodak, 3m, and other major manufacturers, with artists and other printers trying to elevate the quality of the print. There were much trial and error it took many years for the big manufacturers to get the quality right. Sydney Australia now has access to the most modern range of high-quality machines in the world our market is more up to date than the US.

A man by the name of David Coons was responsible for this approach becoming industrialized and is now then the norm in many businesses who are looking for high-quality print at a low affordable coast especially when small runs are involved.

At first, these types of machines could only run gloss but nowadays most paper is fine. The thickness of the paper is now fairly irrelevant and no matter what all our devices will easily be able to handle up to 300GSM thickness.

We do not sell second-hand devices and only promote and believe in the distribution of brand new devices. When copier machines are older than 5 years, they generally are due for the bin. We do believe that passing on something we know will be problematic is a good thing for any business regardless of potentially saving $40 per month.