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    Business Phone Systems

    Providing Australia we the best and cheapest phone systems is no small. We are happy to prove to you we are and should be the first pick of telecommunications businesses when it comes to choosing a new phone system.Our business started back in 1999 selling its first photocopier to a large law firm and since then it has been nothing but full steam ahead.

    We have formed a partnership with NEC and are the go-to one stop shop for all of your company’s telecommunications system. Our skilled staff will take your information and provide a solution that is cost-effective but also practical. We are a business who provides ethical solutions to whatever your needs may be, large we handle our sister company Futura small business needs have smaller businesses covered. We are passionate about telephones, digital analog and VoIP. No matter what you’re looking for to run your business we have the right solutions for you today.

    A business telephone set up

    Starting with us we understand you will be installing a new system and we get this may be of some stress to your organization. We guarantee a ZERO downtime on your switch over. Yes, that is correct when we come to install your new system we guarantee that there will be no downtime at all. It is one of the most commonly asked questions that we get when we help a new business source an amazing new phone system. “how long will our system be down for”?

    How we do this is by swapping your system over to a 4G Godo that your office will run off during the install.

    If you have ever wondered why you have put up with such bad service from your provider please take comfort in this. 99% of businesses put up with terrible service in the telecommunications field mostly because it is what Australians have become accustomed to.

    If you are a new business less than 2 years old it may be hard to get financing. We always guarantee a $0.00 upfront fee. But please allow a few extra days for finance to approve your deal.

    How much will a brand new phone system cost?

    A new system will cost roughly $20-$30 per headset and that will also include installation as well as GST. The combining of choosing any of our other products for your office needs will also reduce your total spend.

    Always allow for between $200-$900 for your set up. This may include cabling an electrician or extra time for one of our highly trained service technician. Our technicians promise no downtime in swop over. We place a 4G fail-safe while installing your new system, this guarantees that if the line is for some disconnected the 4G will kick in within milliseconds and take control of the system.

    When looking for the cheapest deal in the market for your business to make calls, always keep in mind an extremely cheap price will often have extremely cheap service. We at AWBT pride ourselves on high-quality customer care and service.