Saving money with printers in Sydney

It is simple enough in theory to save money you just buy the cheapest contract or machine available, however sometimes buying the wrong plan or machine can cost you and your business massively. It is the optimum outcome to buy a plan appropriate to your needs. If your doing says a lot of color print it would be ill-advised to purchase the cheapest machine on the market you would rather go for a more expensive machine that counts color and does not charge a flat rate per color page but rather for how much color you use.

The initial cheapest option is not always the best option. Often it is a smart choice to plan well ahead and look at future growth.

Technology changes rapidly it is unavoidable in today’s world. The smartest choice is always allowing for growth within your business. A photocopier can be upgraded or downgraded at any stage of the lease agreement.

How to get the best out of your provider

If you are currently stuck in a contract that you do not believe is benefiting your business we are happy to help. All to often photocopier leases

are signed that are not agreements. This is not a fault of you or your business but rather the rep who made you sign an unsavory contract. Our copier contracts are all above board and have been drafted in a way that is fair and benefits all parties involved. We want to help your business grow by ethical document solution and be a partner long term, not short term.

If you believe your business is in an unlawful contract we highly recommend that you seek legal help today. Unfortunately, we are not able to advise and the legality of these issues. We are however able to offer you a great deal on all your products you need to source for your office.


Photocopier Leases That Make Sense

Many contracts around the printer industry are just confusing and plain hard to understand. We always recommend taking any contract to your lawyer or financial advisor.

Choose a photocopier provider in Sydney that is reputable and honest.

One of our friendly tech experts will answer any question you may have, they will also give you a free no obligations consultation. The questions you may have will be answered. If our phone tech cannot answer the questions we are more than happy to send a rep out to inspect and appraise the needs of your company.