halls gap caravan park

The Halls Gap caravan park is situated on the edge of the famous Aberdare National Park, in the heart of Wales. It is also a great place for nature lovers as there are several bird and animal sanctuaries that you can visit and experience firsthand. The park has several accommodation options, from self-catering cottages to luxurious five star luxury villas and suites, but the most popular accommodation is found in the self-catering cottages which cater for groups of up to 30 people.

Halls gap caravan park – The edge of the famous Aberdare National Park

There are some car parks located close by as well as there are some onsite car parks. If you wish to travel by car to the park then you will need to use the onsite car parks as these can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford to pay these prices, especially those coming from outside of the UK. You can rent a car or even hire a car to transport your group to the park, if you feel more comfortable with this arrangement than taking public transport. It is a great place for the whole family to come together, relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding area.


The Halls Gap caravan park is located in the middle of Wales and is situated near the coastal area and the River Ilfrac. The area is very popular for its secluded, quiet atmosphere and offers you a unique experience. Many families come to this area of Wales each year to spend some time together and experience all that Wales has to offer. There are many things that you can do and see when you come to this area, so why not take the time to make the most of it and have an unforgettable holiday.